Over the time we have seen lavish and extravagant gowns and those bold and audacious tight dresses taking away the spotlight, but we need to remember that style cannot be put in a bracket! If two people are looking at the same stole, one might drape it like a skirt and the other might just use it as an accessory. Same goes to the minute elements that go into making of any dress. Some of the fashion trends have the pinkish girly vibe while others have the classic and royal essence in them. But today we are about to unleash the raw aspect of fashion as we go about the ‘ELEMENTS OF TRIBAL FASHION’.

Since the early ages we have seen that there is a sense of styling that people had in them. Different kinds of stones, gems and beads were used to make elegant ornaments. Also, they used to use all sorts of leaves and animal skins to make aesthetically pleasing dresses! There were not much of resources but still everyone had a vision of how they want to perceive themselves. With the upcoming technologies, people started transforming their way of designing. The terminologies weren’t that clear but people started collaborating the techniques of fashion designing and a few elements picked up from the flora and fauna.

Ornaments worn in ‘TRIBAL FASHION’

Having spoken about the ornament, we will have a look at the various materials that have been used since the very beginning of this fashion trend.


First thing we have all seen and which is apparently visible in the picture and that is beads. There are like a huge variety of beads available today but the most frequently used ones are the ‘seed beads’. Other very easily spotted beads are ‘faceted beads’. There are many more kinds of beads that are used till date which are wooden beads, acrylic beads, ceramic beads, etc.

Another very frequently used material is pearls. Pearls have been an integral part of the entire jewellery designing. There is a variety of pearls that goes into making of the ornaments especially under the tribal fashion like cultured pearls, costume pearls, etc.


Talking specifically about earrings, nowadays we can see a trend emerging and that is of oxidized earrings. Also, tribal fashion has a lot of elements picked up from nature which includes stones and gems. As we can see in this picture, we can see that there is a combination of stone and oxidized metal in this earring.

We can see the illustrations of tribal fashion in a numerous ways in the making of outfits. From prints to patterns and from stitches to embroidery, the tribal aura is well-depicted in the dresses. There are many people belonging to the Indian tribes who have come up with some startling tribal wears wherein we can see those minute detailing and pattern making. Which also brings us to RKAAD’s 3-Months Certificate Course in Garment Construction and Pattern Making. You can learn all about art of manipulating and shaping a flat piece of fabric to conform to one or more curves of the human figure 

The entire Indian tribal clothing includes a variation of outfits consisting of shawls,or skirts maybe. More often, they customize their dresses by draping garments in different ways and also using the techniques of stitching and embroidery to make patterns.

There are more than 500 tribes in India who are located in various remote areas. All of them have their own distinctive culture and traditions that is purely based on their beliefs and tribal norms. The kind of materials that goes into the making of a dress clearly reflects all that!

This doesn’t end here. There is a lot more to fashion and fashion designing which you may learn through our courses. RKAAD provides you with many such short lessons that give a much needed boost to your aesthetic skills and innovative thinking. We at RKAAD help you to stand out in the arena of art and design. You may check our 1-Year Diploma Course in Fashion Designing.


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