Fashion Designing 6 Month Course

Fashion Designing (6 Months)


Fashion Designing 6 Month Course

Firstly we need to know that fashion designing is a methodical art. In this we apply creativity, aesthetics and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. Fashion designing courses at the affordable fees in this institute

The designers explore the relationships between the dressed body, fashion, gender and power in this global interdisciplinary collection. Also, there is an emphasis on the role of dress in both reinforcing and challenging social norms.
Here at RKAAD, we teach the students to understand the varied representations of historical fashion at RKAAD.


Our Fashion Designing course of 6 months will be containing the topics mentioned below. An experienced teacher will be teaching the topics one by one in this entire duration. At the end stage of this course, the students will be working on a capstone project. The project will be a part of their portfolios. The syllabus of the course as follows:

  1. Introduction to Fashion Studies, Fashion Theory
  2. Research Methods and Theories
  3. Factors affecting Fashion
  4. History of Costumes
  5. Foundation Art
  6. Fashion Forecasting and Trend Prediction
  1. Product Development
  2. Merchandising, Management, and Marketing
  3. Construction, Design, and Object-Based Projects
  4. Sustainability of Fashion
  5. Daily Fashion Practices

The students will be working on a capstone project during the closing months of the course and this project can be added to their portfolios as well. These projects will come from industry experts.


Eligibility: A candidate should have passing marks in his/her 10+2. There is no restriction for stream, anyone from any stream can join this program.


Program Duration: 6 Months

Career Opportunities

Career in fashion designing

With the rapid transformation in this world, there are many other things changing one of which is fashion. Trends are set day after day so we need to be updated every now and then. We aim to teach students to walk along the fashion trends and let the outfit speak more than the designer.  Also, our Indian fashion industry is leaving no stone unturned in coming up with fresh designs, unwatchable collections and unique designers. The upcoming generation has a heap of talent that wants to get recognition in the fashion industry. But the question arises is how?

The answer to this is that a fashion designer needs to have a good knowledge of fabric and also know how and where to use! Fashion designing courses not only makes you eligible to think as a fashion designer, but also helps you to make a successful career in Fashion Designing, Fashion Styling, owning a brand, fashion columnist in the top fashion designing institute in Delhi. RKAAD is nowhere behind in the list of colleges for fashion designing to establish a successful career in fashion designing in Delhi

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