Visual Merchandising

Visual Merchandising

Overview: Visual merchandising is a crucial part of our retail industry. A 6 month Diploma Course in Visual merchandising is all about learning to set up floor plans and three-dimensional displays. Visual Merchandising requires a creative and strategic mind that presents the store in a way it attracts more people towards it apparently increasing the sales. This also grooms the person to convince the customers to buy their products. Moreover, a visual merchandiser also needs to have a great knowledge about the textile and retail industry to be able to do their job.
We provide the best visual merchandising diploma course in Delhi. People who wish to make a successful career in Visual merchandising should opt for this course. Our institute provides you classes in a unique way than other merchandising institutes in Delhi. Here, we take visual merchandising classes in which we teach all the basics that are necessary to make a career in merchandising or retail industry and then slowly level up the difficulty to bring out the best results from the students.

• Most often, admissions take place on the basis of merit. An entrance test or interview round is rare in this course.
• This course is also an excellent choice for those who have a sense of creativity within them.
• The students equip skills that help them in creating visually appealing and attention–catching ad campaigns.
• Students possessing Diploma in Visual merchandising tend to get well-paying jobs.


RKAAD aims to be the best institute of merchandising in Delhi. Visual Merchandising courses bring in a huge scope for the aspiring visual merchandisers to establish a successful career in visual merchandising, store management, layout designing, merchandising consultancy and brand management etc.Aspirants go in for designing events and stages. In regard to this, RKAAD also provides placement supports to the students after completion of the course.

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