Fine Arts Institute

Fine Arts

R.K. Academy of Art and Design is a meeting place that invites interdisciplinary collaborations and the exchange of knowledge between material-based art and strategies for art and public space. Our study programmes emphasise the exploration of craft-based knowledge and the connections between art, society and the individual.

A forum for the sustained exploration of possibilities in cultural production, the various programs in fine arts were designed and handcrafted at RKAAD which aim at pushing the students to question conventional ideas about contemporary and modern art.

Encompassing both studio practice and theory, a primary concern of RKAAD’s art program is that every artist be challenged to develop a critical self-awareness about their work and to better understand the aesthetic, social and intellectual contexts that inform artmaking in today’s globalized world.

As a student at RKAAD, you will be part of an inspiring professional environment. Students are expected to take an active public role by exhibiting and participating in the art scene.

Our teaching and training staff members comprises of national and international practising artists who possess expertise within their respective space. Seminars and lectures with prominent artists, curators and art critics form an integral part of our study programmes.

Courses offered –

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts (3 years Undergraduate Degree program)
  • One year Diploma in Fine Arts (Streams: Crafts, Painting, Photography, Sketching, Pencil Shading, Textile)
  • 3 to 6 months short term courses in Fine Arts (Streams: Crafts, Painting, Photography, Sketching, Pencil Shading, Textile

Pre-requisite –

A creative mind

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