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This course has been designed for those who take photography as a serious hobby. it include all the important topics one should know to create high quality images. Content includes DSLR camera operations, 5 forms of photography, basics of picture editing and hands on studio lights countless people love to click random images of subject within their surrounding with their phone cameras. This often induces them in them a love for photography and they try their hands in this art with the help of more professional equipment . However most n often their lack of proper knowledge about handling the  equipment and also about the other related aspects of clicking beautiful images, often leaves them disappointed. You can avoid facing such a situation by opting  for our basic photography course design to help you enjoy the art or photography.

employed in many fields of science, manufacturing (e.g. ,photolithography) and business as well as its more direct uses  for art, film  and video production ,recreational purposes, hobby, and mass communication it spread over  3 month and 6 month courses

The primary object of this course is to teach you the basics about using your device and other related aspects of photography. It introduces you to the fascinating world of photography and provides you comprehensive details about the history and development of this art form. This course is not a professional program and neither it is designed as a hobby course. Rather it helps to lay a strong foundation about the most essential fundamentals of photography amongst the trainees, which they can build upon in case they intend to take up photography as a Professional.


The career role demands an ability to photograph all kinds of newsworthy people, places, sports, political, and community events for newspapers, journals, magazines, or television. A photojournalist must possess a journalistic sense to shoot a good news picture.

There are various types of photography as mentioned below:

  • Feature photography
  • Commercial photography
  • Fashion photography
  • Photojournalism & spots photography
  • Portfolio photography
  • People photography
  • Monument photography

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