Fashion Consultant & Stylist Course

Fashion Consultant & Stylist Course

Fashion consultants, often called personal stylist or image consultants, help clients develop and enhance their professional and/or personal images they help client choose clothes for a variety of occasions and help them decide which styles  are flattering and  communicate the appropriate message. Consultant often travel and may need to work holidays, evenings, and weekends. They need good communication skills to interact with clients ,who may sometimes be difficult or demanding.

Fashion stylist is a consultant who select clothing for editorial features ,print and television advertising campaigns, music video, concert performance.


Fashion consultants and fashion stylist work in the following areas:

  • Personal fashion consultant
  • Providing fashion advise to clients
  • Personal shopper
  • Wardrobe or show styling
  • Editorial styling
  • Commercial styling
  • Corporate styling
  • Photography studio styling
  • Fashion editor or celebrity stylist
  • Image consultant
  • Recruitment/training
  • Style consultant
  • Etiquette trainer
  • Garment retail
  • Fashion counselor

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