Interior Designing Course-RKAAD

Interior Designing Course

Interior designing has a lot to do with manipulation of space in accordance to the purpose. It is a blend of creative intellect and calculative approach towards any projects. On one hand you have colors and templates and on the other hand you have dimensions and budgeting. The students get to know about the methods and techniques that are used while sketching or planning any sort of layout. The multidisciplinary nature of interior designing course in Delhi is what makes it generate career opportunities in various fields. Keeping that in mind we offer:

  • 1-Year Diploma Course in Interior Designing
  • 3-Years Degree Course in Interior Designing

Diploma in Interior Designing

Interior Designing includes various concepts such as furniture fundamentals building construction, material studies and budgeting. This course helps the students understand the sync between artistic and arithmetic perspective of designing. The students have to keep in mind the demographic location, purpose, preference and taste of the person. All this is difficult to learn without a carefully planned course. Our Diploma Course in Interior Designing will be various assignments that will keep them engaged and teach them about the real world and the current status of interior designing and architecture firms. We focus on the material survey, their rates and features of all the materials used in building and interior structures including the furnishing and fittings.

Who should opt for –

  • Student who have creative and analytical mindset
  • Those who are interested in design and architectural structures.
  • Those aiming at higher studies in the subject.

Interior design employment areas –

  • Architectural firms
  • Constructional companies
  • Event management companies
  • Interior design companies
  • Teacher
  • Retailers
  • Film companies
  • TV companies
  • Colleges & universities

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