Being A Star In Your Industry Is A Matter Of FASHION DESIGNING COURSE

Knowing the Important facts of Fashion Designing Course

Fashion designing is probably one of the most creative and colorful opportunity, where an individual can gain greater knowledge on creativity, art forms and so on. It is a pathway where one is taught how to come up with bright concepts and ideas and create the most attractive piece of clothing and accessories, keeping in mind, all the prevailing styles and patterns of the today generation.

Fashion Designing Course

Fashion designing, today is a bright career option adopted by every fifth child, after the completion of their higher secondary exams. In a way, to an individual, who has curiosity regarding various clothing, style, art, designs and so on, fashion designing is undoubtedly the most necessary platform as a career. Like most other career options, success comes with skills and patience, and therefore one needs to induce a sufficient amount of time and energy in order to have a bright and demanding future in the field of fashion designing.


The eligibility criteria for obtaining the field of fashion designing are as follows:-

  1. In case of an Undergraduate student- one needs to have a pass degree in both secondary and higher secondary exams(10+12) from any of the prevailing boards(CBSC, ICSC) and so on.
  2. For cases of a Post Graduate Student, he/she must hold the degree of graduation under any subject and from any University.


For obtaining a Bachelor Courses in Designing:-

It is a 4 years course which mostly deals with the study of Interior Designing, Product Designing, Visual Communication, Fashion Communication and styling, Fashion in textiles and so on. These are the core studies which are obtained by several fashion designing institute in Delhi and most of the universities and colleges, in order to impart a basic and strong knowledge upon various aspects that is required to have a bright future in the field of fashion designing.

For obtaining a Master’s course in Fashion Designing:-

It is a 2 years course, which primarily includes a detailed study of Interior designing, Furniture making and design, Design thinking and Management, and so on.


Moreover, the fashion designing course in Delhi and all over the country which provides a:-

6 months diploma course

1-year diploma course

Where you are taught with the understanding of different clients and working as per to their demands, working on commercial projects and so on.

The course deals primarily with the provision of basic knowledge and further imparts the necessary education in order to help you in having a brilliant future in the field of fashion designing. First, you need to find a reputed fashion designing college in Delhi that helps you to find the right options.

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