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Be in the love with the shape of you!

Be in the love with the shape of you

First and foremost thing! It doesn’t matter what body shape you have, you are gorgeous and beautiful in your own way. How often does it happen to you while shopping that you are confused whether your choices of dresses will suit you or not? Or if it is too tight or too loose for your […]



Ever since the 19th century, we have seen an impeccable transformation in fashion evolution. Having its roots in France, use of denim has been one of the most inevitable norms while designing or styling. Be it colored denim, stretched denim or acid wash denim, fashion statements never go wrong when it includes denim in it!! […]

Let’s walk the GAGA style

Let’s walk the GAGA style

“You have to be unique and different and shine in your own way.”- Lady Gaga Whether it is about those audacious outfits or dauntless attitude towards the criticisms that she receives upon her sense of dressing style, Lady Gaga has been one such person who has always nailed it when it comes to ‘setting a […]