From flashy jackets to ultra stylish sneakers, hip hop has seen its own journey of fashion since 1990s. Dressing sense was somehow shaping their personalities. Both hip hop and fashion were slowly becoming the two sides of one coin as the demand and interest of the mob were inclining towards their favourite hip hop artists! Soon came the time when hip hop artists were becoming trendsetters and their choice of clothing was influencing a huge audience! But what is it that makes hip hop fashion more prominent and likeable?


When we talk about Pharrell Williams, all we can think of his fashion sense is ‘punk’ with embellishments. We can see him experimenting around with shoes, sneakers, jackets and coats. Over-sized shirts and funky caps add on to the electrifying outfits! Well talking about the craze for sneakers, he also has his own range of sneakers in collaboration with Adidas. Sneakers are emerging part of fashion industry. You get a wide variety to select and style your dresses with amazing flashy looking sneakers. This also comes under accessorizing and styling your outfit. In the duration of the fashion designing classes, you are also taught how to stylize your outfits with various embellishments, patches and trendy accessories.


Drake is one such rapper in the entire hip-hop industry who is known for his choice of jeans! Seems like he adorns his personality with bling when it comes to shoes. Confidence conquers everything and so does his outfit! The fact is that he can make plain looking demin and sweatshirt a funky trend for the youth to follow. Drake’s 1 million dollar outfit is the current talk of the town.


When it comes to Future, we can see the trend of baggy outfits that are both cozy and comfortable comes into our mind. We need to remember that hip hop artists love to stylise themselves a little different from the mainstream people. They also like to mix and match with accessories to make their looks more edgy and unique. Want to design some really cool outfits all by yourself? Why waste time when you are at the right place? Many Fashion Designing Institutes provide course at an absolutely reasonable price and we are one of them! He also has a certain liking towards the idea of using shades and glares to an outfit! More often we see him wearing different shades while performs live on stage.


When we talk about Kanye West, we talk about his immense love for military prints. From jackets to uniforms, he can carry anything containing military print! Also, there is one more thing that he follows with all his heart while styling himself and that is layering his clothes.This is another aspect of fashion that you are taught in various Fashion designing courses in Delhi. A simple t-shirt might be paired up with sweaters and jackets on top of it to bring out the Kanye West’s actual vibe. As much as people know about his dressing style, people also talk about the way he can wear suits with the charisma all over him which is loved by his fans. Initially, Kanye West had released a range of shoes in collaboration with Nike but then he had recently collaborated with Adidas.


When it comes to Cardi B, she has always been considered to be one of the most stylish musicians. We can see a significant role of high heels and pumps to stylize her outfits. Most of the times, we have seen her either layering up jackets and coats on top of tops and tees or wearing a dress having a lavish look with extravagant collars with adds a pinch of royal look to her dresses. You get a detailed explanation about all this in our Diploma Courses in Fashion Designing. Another important part of her outfits are bags!! We can see her carrying a different bag every time.

Last but not the least, the accessories that she wears along with any particular outfit stands out because of its uniqueness. To sum up the entire thing, we can say that Cardi B is another personality who loves to explore around with colors, textures and shape! Being a style freak, she has also signed a sneaker contract with Reebok. Being a hop hop artist, she has a significant love for sneakers too!

. This is not the end, there’s a lot more to the concepts and terminologies of fashion.  RKAAD provides you with many such short lessons that give a much needed boost to your aesthetic skills and innovative thinking. We at RKAAD help you to stand out in the arena of art and design. You may check our 1-Year Diploma Course in Fashion Designing.

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