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Know about doodling art..

‘Art is the visual expression of your thoughts.’

The denser and deeper thoughts you might have, the more structured and sculpted art you draw. But what about those abstract thoughts that keep wandering all around your mind? When we draw those not so meaningful illustrations and figures that is what we call ‘DOODLING’.


The word doodling came from a German term which meant to make a fool of. Initially doodling was lesser known form of art which intended to draw something which otherwise while someone’s used to be occupied with some work or thoughts. It was invented when people used to be bored and wanted to divert their minds by being a little creative.

Though that creativity was inexact and made no sense in general, but the best part about doodling is that you don’t really have to be a professionally trained artist. You can go ahead and doodle whatsoever and howsoever you want to! But the art of doodling has a lot to do since he early ages. Have you ever noticed those cave paintings? You learn about all this in our sketching and rendering courses as well!They are a little informative version of doodling art. The actually conveyed the location of their home and whatever things surround their home.


Art of doodling acts as a bridge between people and the thoughts that roam around in their in their mind while they are already occupied or maybe have nothing to do! Doodling is also used in comics which gives it a lively and a beautiful background at the same time. This sidelined art has a number of elements that makes the doodling process a piece of art which are:

  1. Scribbling,
  2. Dot patterns,
  3. Stick figures or cartoon-like human figures,
  4. Elements of nature (like flowers, leaves, animals, etc),
  5. Typography,
  6. Electronic appliances and gadgets, and much more.


Over the time, the art of doodling has evolved so much and so did our creativity. With the upcoming technological advancements, we are able to reach out to more forms of art with the help of just a click. Many new art forms take birth by transforming the older version of it and by adding new elements to make it look different. Similar seems to have happened to doodling art as we have any types of art forms under doodling which are:


zentangle art
zentangle art

Zentangles are basically a relaxed form of doodling wherein you don’t really have to worry about committing mistakes in strokes or illustrations. You just have to go with the flow and keep adding things to the previous ones and extent it with time. The technicality behind this art is that it generally consists of what we call as elemental strokes which vary and are of many types which are drawing on small pieces of paper which are referred to as tiles. It is an inexact, irregular and unplanned sort of art representing the creativity of the person’s mind but the only catch here is that you need to set your limits as you draw.


zendoodling art
zendoodling art

One thing to be taken care of while doing zen doodling is that you really don’t use coloured ink but you are only allowed to use black ink! In this form of art you literally draw any shape (for example a bird, a dog or an irregular figure) and start drawing the patterns within it. You can also divide the internal space into different portions and draw various different patterns. Many people also try to fill in the patterns to get a look which has less space left and it looks like it is filled completely.


Stendoodling Art

Another form of doodling art is ‘stendoodling’. In this, we have the freedom to use colours, markers, sketch pens etc. In this form of art we also use small stencils to draw boundaries and patterns. Stendoodling is used on bookmarks, book covers, walls, backgrounds of any image or even while we making a border.

So this was a small little guide about Doodling. This is not the end, there’s a lot more to the concepts and terminologies of art, design and fashion.  RKAAD provides you with many such short lessons that give a much needed boost to your aesthetic skills and innovative thinking. We at RKAAD help you to stand out in the arena of art and design. You may check our 1-Year Diploma Course in Fashion Designing.

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